Vegan Street Fair Brings Twice the Deliciousness to Noho

Where the heck have I been? Traveling. Simple answer! But I’m back!

First thing on my agenda? Three words…


I can’t wait! My experience last year was one of meeting many friendly people, running into several friends and feeling surrounded by great energy. When I left I felt a deep richness of community and my life was impacted positively just by being there. Not to forget the amazing vegan food. This vegan adjacent woman ate her tail off. #nomnom

On Sunday March 20th from 11am to 7pm the streets of North Hollywood will be filled with the aroma of incredible, innovative vegan delicacies. I mean, seriously, look at these drool worthy goodies! 


Top Left Charlie’s Brownie Sundae with Coconut Bliss, Top Right Falasophy Falafel Pita, Bottom Right CupMyCakez Red Velvet, Bottom Left One Veg World Teriyaki Kabobs

All this goodness can be found at 11223 Chandler Blvd Between Lankershim and Vineland, North Hollywood, CA 91354 and entrance is FREE! Bring cash since that is the only way you can purchase food tickets. All food items cost less than $3. You can’t beat that price!

SunCafe Mac and _Cheese_

This stuff is seriously delicious! Sun Cafe Mac n Cheese!


I bet you remember last year’s event. Can I get an “Oh Hail Yes!” That’s right, about 30 minutes after the Vegan Street fair started last year, I was in line with a good friend, umbrellas ready ‘cuz…you know…we watched the weather reports…and BOOM…the sky opened up and ice fell from Valhalla. For 10 minutes. People scattered. When we looked up we were at the front of an empty line. But this year, the weather Gods are smiling. 

Good news! The weather report for this Sunday. Perfection! 

picture perfect North hollywood weather for vegan street fair

But what about the crazy lines?

“Come on Tatyanna,” I can hear you saying while you shake your head, “those lines were crazy last year. It was a mess!” Listen, I hear you. I waited in those lines. I was at Vegan Street Fair for about 4.5 hrs that day. 

The organizers were hopeful that maybe 3000 would show up. Surprisingly, they found themselves managing over 9000 visitors! Some folks were upset at how crowded the area was. To be honest, that was the FIRST thing that event founder Jessica Schoech and I talked about when we met a couple of weeks ago to have a chat at Lotus Vegan, a local Noho  vegan restaurant.  

She told me what happened the first year of the Taste of Chicago, which is now the largest events of it’s kind in the WORLD. Chicago anticipated about 75,000 people and 250,000 showed up. Could they have predicted that? No way! Taste of Chicago was moved from a 3 block area to Grant Park. Chicago’s organizers learned quickly from the unprecedented turnout, and so did Jessica and her team. 

Jessica, a New Yorker who now lives in the San Fernando Valley here in Los Angeles, really wants each and every one of you to know she heard the feedback last year. The good, the bad, the kinda ugly. In a minute I will tell you about all the amazing expansion and re-configuration they have done to make 2016 an amazing event. 

Casa Coqui potato balls

Say this out loud: Vegan Puerto Rican Food! Say what? Casa Coqui’s potato balls aka Rellenos de Papas.

More Food. New  Vendors. More Space.


I am very excited to share with you that not only are their twice the number of vendors, with over 100 of them, but there will be 600% more ticket booths. I’m not exaggerating! There will be at least two dozen booths where you can purchase your food tickets. 

A message from Jessica: “After the unprecedented turnout of our first event in NoHo despite the hail, it became clear that vegans and non-vegans alike share an unwavering love for vegan food. We just want people to have fun while eating vegan food and now that we know the demand is there, we’ve upgraded to a larger venue space to accommodate everyone.”

The space where the Vegan Street Fair is being held is 3 time the size of last year’s event. I can’t wait! I admit I will be making a bee line for the vegan Puerto Rican food.  

Vendors will be selling vegan themed apparel, corn dogs, pizza, sushi, soft serve, cupcakes, juices, and a wide array of other animal free items. In addition to the $3 or less bites, Vegan Street Fair has added an optional Big Plate Special for attendees eager to eat more than just a small bite valued at more than $3. OMG! I am all over that!

BONUS! There will be free water for all attendees provided by Aguavida Premium Water, and clear signage highlighting vendor names, menu items, and allergy information. 

SPECIAL BONUS! there is still a little time to purchase a VIP Ticket (advanced sales only).  This special ticket includes special VIP ticket booths, VIP Fast Pass Lines and much more. Go HERE and grab yours!

Take the Bus. Take the Train. Ride your Bike. 

I highly recommend arriving early, bringing cash only for food tickets, taking public transportation, and sharing bites and big plates with friends.

NOHO is a walking neighborhood. One main reason why I love it so much! I’m going to ride my trusty orange beach cruiser, Orange Julius, over there this Sunday, March 20th from 11am-7pm!  

You can leave your car at home too if you want to! Since Vegan Street Fair being held at 11223 Chandler Boulevard between Lankershim Blvd and Vineland Ave across the street from the North Hollywood Metro Red Line, you can go car free for the day! 

It’s going to be a warm day so wear your sunglasses and come and get one of these!

Todo Verde Kaliente Agua Fresca

Todo Verde Kaliente Agua Fresca

See You There! Look for me. I may interview you for the blog. I’ll be the one with the white camera!


Find more information and connect via social media:


Find VSF on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

VSF: LA 2016 Event Page

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About the Organizers

Vegan wife and husband team Jessica and Ken Schoech have traveled the country in search of the best vegan eats and events. In the process, Jessica crafted the idea for Vegan Street Fair when she began to feel nostalgic over the street fairs of her hometown in New York City. The duo decided to take their experience in live and reality TV production and put it into practice with live events. Vegan Street Fair was the first large scale event that they had undertaken and its success became the cornerstone of an event organization that plans to spread as far east as Jessica’s hometown of New York later this year. For now, the couple is busy with events and their two vegan sons. They hope to make Vegan Street Fair a bi-coastal event and encourage vegans and non-vegans to enjoy the food, atmosphere, and family-friendly environment on either coast.

Author: Tatyanna

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