One Chicken Fest in Noho: Step by Step World Change

What difference can One Chicken make in the world?

OCF Portrait It all started with one conversation between, local North Hollywood couple, Charles and Deirdre Wiley. What difference could buying one expensive organic chicken make in the world as a whole?

After some banter back and forth, the husband and wife team, concluded that everyone, everywhere, can take just one small step in some part of their lives – their “one chicken” – which can make a difference in the community and our world.

Hence sprung forth the idea for a festival where other everyday people could learn how making seemingly small changes in their consumption, conservation and life choices can have a large collective impact on our environment and the planet we are leaving to future inhabitants.

A local Festival is Born

OCF-ChickenThe Wiley’s created “One Chicken Fest” to bring together nonprofit groups, city organizations and sustainable, local, or otherwise eco-friendly businesses to help hatch positive change in the community. 

The FREE festival takes place at North Hollywood Park on the corner of Tujunga and Magnolia on Saturday, April 18th between the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM.

 Why hold this event in Noho? 

D. Wiley: After living in NoHo for a number of years, we’ve made connections with a lot of great local businesses and community groups. We feel like there are a lot of unique groups here that have a lot to offer to the public and we wanted to help bring them together and promote positive growth in our community. The diversity of this area is very representative of the world as a whole, so it made a lot of sense to launch our festival here, which we hope can make a positive impact on the planet.

The founder’s “sustainability” story

D. Wiley: Our greener living story is the story of the one chicken. We have a lot of care and concern for the planet, but I think we are also like anyone else out there in that it can sometimes be hard to do everything “perfectly.” Like many households, money is tight and time is scarce. One day, Charles did the grocery shopping and brought home a free-range organic roaster chicken – one that was several dollars more expensive than the “normal,” factory farmed chickens.

I found myself getting a little irritated over the cost and asked, “What difference does one chicken make?” He replied “It makes all the difference in the world!” We both got the point – even for someone like me, who has always considered myself an environmentalist, it can sometimes be a strain to always do the sustainable thing because of the cost in time and money. However, I knew that the point of thinking long-term about our health and the health of the planet was a powerful one, and one that we both really wanted to follow in our lives.

One chicken DOES make a difference. We both realized the significance of that discussion and decided to make it the theme of our festival. No matter how small our actions may seem, together we can make a difference – one chicken at a time!

Mid Valley Neighborhood Council Support!

D. Wiley: Mary Garcia, the council president, has been very supportive and encouraging. Jennifer Jackson, Janine Jordan and David Govea have also been particularly helpful. Jennifer has provided great connections to community leaders and local businesses, and her coffee shop Moby’s Coffee and Tea has pretty much been our meeting headquarters (she also makes a delicious caramel blended coffee drink!). Janine’s organization, the EMA, is partnering with us and Isidore Recycling for the e-waste drive. David has been spreading the word about the festival to various groups in the community. The council will also be running a booth at the festival and we are excited that they will be there!

What people can expect when they arrive?

D. Wiley: Expect to be entertained! Expect to see local artists showcasing their amazing work. Expect to learn fascinating information about the planet and the community around us. Expect family-friendly fun and expect to find your “one chicken.”

What I LOVE about these two and this festival is how closely their love for Noho mirrors mine and the goals of their event align with how I live my life. I am one of those 80/20 people…and sometimes 60/40 if my budget is tight. I buy as many organic/sustainable foods and goods as I can reasonably afford, however I don’t beat myself up when I am unable to do so. I also do not judge friends who do not do as I do. That always seems counter-productive.

I am acutely aware of and concerned about our water situation in CA and shout from the rooftops about water conservation at every opportunity. This is important folks!

The “One Chicken Fest” seems to offer opportunities for you and I to add one action/choice at a time and truly see how our one choice is making and difference. That’s a huge opportunity!

Lots of FREE Entertainment

One Chicken Fest’s events corner, The Chicken Coop, will be having free shows and demonstrations throughout the day showcasing local businesses and artists! The Soul Shack Yoga Studio will be holding free Yoga classes to open and close the festival. AThere will also be music from singer-songwriter Kris Angelis and soulful duo TwoWay Light.

E-Waste Drive!
Start getting your old laptops and cell phones ready!!

If you have old electronics like cell phones, televisions, etc., stop by and drop them off at the EMA Massive Action e-waste drive! One Chicken Fest is partnering with Electronic Music Alliance to recycle your old electronics properly and make sure they don’t harm the environment – and that they stop cluttering your life!

Local & Sustainable Food

Food Trucks will be parked on Magnolia in conjunction with One Chicken Fest:

Community and Environmental Organizations

Some of the booths include: Los Angeles Department of Water & Power; Solar City; Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers & Native Plants; the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council; and LADOT Transit. 

North Hollywood Park

North Hollywood Park

The best part? It’s a FREE event! Bring cash for food and goodies!

Find out more on their website at, or join the Facebook community at

See you on Saturday, April 18!


Author: Tatyanna

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