Environmental festival in Noho: One Chicken Fest is back!

One Chicken Fest is back for its second year!

Hey everyone! I’ve got great news. Remember One Chicken Fest from last year? It’s happening again this weekend. This annual planet-based community festival aims to make helping the planet accessible and fun.
The brain child of local North Hollywood couple Charles and Deirdre Wiley, One Chicken Fest started in 2015 as a way to help people take small steps towards reducing their footprint on the planet. As one Vegan woman I met at Vegan Street Fair told me this past Spring, she wold like everyone to be vegan but knows that it won’t work for everyone so she calls folks who eat “less” meat Reducitarians. I love that term!
I am definitely a reducitarian. I eat meat only a couple times a week, eat Organic and local, I am car free, I ride my orange beach cruiser(seen in the photo above), I use green website hosting, I mostly buy clothing that is second hand or responsibly sourced. I have come to think of the reducitarian lifestyle as encompassing much more than just food and One Chicken Fest’s mission is based on that very idea. Reducing your water use, reducing your carbon footprint, reducing e-waste, reducing your impact on Mother Earth!
The event is about connecting people to organizations that can help create positive change in the world. The “chicken” is a symbol for a small change in our day-to-day lives, and the idea is that “just one chicken” CAN make a difference. The goal of the festival is to educate people on what they can do, how they can get involved, and what resources exist in the community to help. It is also to show that environmental activism can and should be a fun, enjoyable and regular part of our lives, to acknowledge the role a healthy planet must play in our own health and future.
Date: Sunday, October 2nd
Time: 10am-2pm
Location:  AAASC Community Center parking lot
5839 Cahuenga Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601.

One Chicken Fest is family friendly and FREE!


The festival includes: exhibitors from environmental organizations; craft booths from artists featuring sustainable, locally-sourced or environmentally-themed products; food trucks with organic, local and/or sustainable cuisine; local musicians; an e-waste drive for the community to drop off their used electronics for proper disposal; and a pet adoption event of shelter animals needing homes.



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One of my favorite food trucks in Los Angeles will be back this year. Divine Dips ice creme truck! Let me just tell you this…I can’t eat regular ice cream, but I love ice cream. What’s a girl to do? Eat Vegan Ice Cream! But…I am soy intolerant and dislike coconut aftertaste in my chocolate sundae. Good news is, Divine Dips uses no soy! Her ice creme sandwiches are the best I have EVER had. In my 48 years of life. Not kidding! Come by and grab one, or TWO!
pet-adoptionAs mentioned above, there will is an amazing addition this year : mobile pet adoption by Best Friends Animal Society. They do great work and this is huge for One Chicken Fest and our little hood. Come by and pet some dogs and maybe even look into teh sweet eyes of a cat. Looking for a new addition to your home? Come meet your newest family member on Sunday!

Come Meet Some Neighbors from NOHO, Hear local music and Drop Off E-Waste too!



You can find out more details about what to expect at the One Chicken Fest Facebook page HERE.

To learn more about how One Chicken Fest came about, visit http://onechickenfest.org

Hope to see you there!

Author: Tatyanna

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