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Tatyanna_HeadshotMy name is Tatyanna. I have been a North Hollywood resident for about 7  years. I heart tinyNoHo!

I am a web designer, virtual assistant, care free, mother of one, grandmother of one, kitty momma, blogger and workshop leader. If interested, my full bio is here.

This blog was created for the sole purpose of giving NoHo some love! 

I write about daily life in NoHo, the farmer’s market, local eateries, interview local artists, students, actors, local celebrities and more.

I invite and write reviews of local favorite spots. Even though we write about what we love, we don’t always have to be rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes our local leaders and hot spots need our constructive feedback.

This is NOT be a place to come just to complain or hate on people, places or things. There are other websites for that and channels for complaints.

I am working in guidelines for local resident submissions. I look forward to hearing your views and news.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have something you love about Noho? I want to hear about it!

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